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bring your brand to life with the power of #storytelling

what is branded film content?​

It’s a cinematic narrative-driven story with your brand at heart.

It can take the form of a short film, episodic series, short clips/sketches or a feature film, be fiction or documentary.

Your film will be entertainment content as well as a more personal marketing tool for your product or services.


why making a film for your brand?

The produced film will build awareness for your brand. The content will tell a story of your brand’s values in a unique and personal way. This will strengthen the relationship with your customers as well as be an opening for new audiences locally and worldwide. Film is a medium that transcends languages and cultures. Also, film is exciting.


how are we going to help you?

We are going to create a cinematic interpretation of your brand’s universe, portray the world where your product or services live, expose your core values through motion and emotion on screen.

We are going to build a story with characters that enhance the social imaginary of your brand in people’s minds. 


or ask us any questions in the chat!

What is BFC



Following our brand architecture marketing model, we will develop the concept for your film, adapting it to the brand assets you want to enhance.


We will produce your film or series of branded content. We offer different packages depending on the needs of your campaign and which deliverables you require. 


We work with experts that will provide the best SEO and digital marketing advice to help the film reach its targeted audience and optimize its presence.


>    Our award-winning expertise lies in narrative storytelling and our goal is to enrich the stories of exciting brands with big ambitions. 

>    We produce bold, curious, passionate, innovative, courageous and rule-breaking content.

>    We work with a diverse team of thought-provoking creatives with original voices and daring visions.


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Our projects have been accepted into more than 150 international film festivals, including many BAFTA and OSCAR qualifying ones, achieving awards and special mentions along the away.

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It all starts with a chat​

email us at

call us on 07761 844 277 (UK)  //  617 54 64 56 (Spain)

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